Leatherjackets/Crane Fly

During late August to September, many people report seeing “giant mosquitoes” in their yard. These are the adult European Crane Fly. They do not bite or sting. In the spring & summer you may find the larvae (called Leatherjackets) in your lawn. Leatherjackets are short light grey to brown in colour with a black back, worms.

Leatherjackets will feed on grass. During the day, they feed at or below the grass surface on root hairs, roots and crowns. At night, they feed above ground on crowns, stems and blades. Irregular browning of the turf is the result of the pest having damaged the plant’s crowns and eating away at the leaf blades. The larvae are often found after rain when they are washed out onto sidewalks, patios and driveways. Secondary damage may result from birds or raccoons, digging & pecking away at the turf trying to reach the larvae.

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